Our People

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Our people are at the heart of our success and their passion contributes to the development and growth of our business.


The management team at Quantum Global Commodities each has over 20 years of experience in international banking and commodity trading, having held senior management roles in a variety of first class bank and trading houses.

Collectively they are responsible for the strategic direction and day to day running of the company across all time zones. It is the responsible and dedicated approach by management that has got Quantum Global Commodities to where it is today and they ensure high standards are set and maintained in each area of the business.

Operations & Execution

The in house experience in operations and execution at Quantum Global Commodities is significant and well respected within the trade. With expertise spanning many years, the execution team is well equipped to support all trade queries across container and bulk shipment and when required are available to solve issues that might arise.

International Sales and Marketing

Our extensive knowledge of grains and oilseeds both in origin and destination markets ensures we are able to offer competitive prices throughout the year from a variety of origins. We have an acute awareness of documentation and customs requirements for the various products and are well placed to offer solutions for your company needs.