About Us

QUANTUM GLOBAL COMMODITIES was formed by professionals with a wealth of expertise across key sectors including: banking, trading, operations and execution with a focus on handling the physical delivery of agricultural and soft commodities from origin producers and suppliers to global end-users.

The company moves considerable volumes of commodities by containerized and bulk vessel shipments across the globe and our strengths lie in managing this process while staying committed to providing our customers and consumers a prompt, reliable and personalised service through our experienced team.
The company has its operations in London and Singapore from where we are well placed to communicate with suppliers and buyers worldwide.

 We have built up a reliable network of suppliers in the key agricultural producing regions round the world including: North America, South America, Black Sea, Baltic Sea and Australia and our destination markets are focused mainly in Asia Pacific with growing customer demand in both Middle East and Africa.

The company has historically developed good relationships through our strong expertise in house and track record of delivering outstanding customer service across all areas of international trade. It is our attention to detail, flexibility and commitment to work round the clock that ensures we build long term sustainable relationships for the future.