• Grains

    The objective of our grain division is to help you manage your grain trading needs whether you are a producer or an end user of agricultural commodities.  We are able to provide the grain products needed for both our current and future  customers.

    We use our excellent relationships with suppliers world wide to originate and market grains.  

  • OIlseeds

    QUANTUM GLOBAL primarily trades soybeans and many other oilseeds commodity in the Asian and Far East regions. Our extensive market knowledge allows us to be highly competitive in our bid structure for our customers.

    We have established a bulk international soybeans and other oilseeds , which primarily focuses on South East Asia and Pacific region as destination.

  • Feed Product

    Animal feed plays an important part in the food chain and has implications for the composition and quality of the livestock products (milk, meat and eggs) that people consume on daily . We maintain our market leading position by anticipating and meeting the needs of our customers. Quantum works closely with suppliers and to source excellent animal feed products that help you get the best from your livestock 



    Feed Product
  • Pulses

    Pulses are a good source of proteins and are found to be a staple food in many parts of the world. In the tropical areas especially, pulses are one of the most important food groups after cereals. In fact, pulses are a good source of nutrition as they have significant quantities of both proteins and calories. Quantum Global Commodities has provided the consumers locally and regionally with the luxury of enjoying good quality pulses from all around the world including Australia, India, Canada, Myanmar and Middle East.  There are many different types of pulses that Quantum deals with

  • Transportation

    QUANTUM GLOBAL physical traders and we move commodities from markets that are in surplus to markets that are in deficit, across borders and globally. We move it competitively, safely and efficiently, with due care for the environment.

    A world-class shipping operation is an essential part of supply chain management, underpinned by the depth of operational experience that exists across the shipping team.


QUANTUM GLOBAL COMMODITIES was created to handle the physical trading of agricultural and soft commodities from origin producers to global end-users. The principal markets we deal with are: grains, oilseeds, pulses & feed products across both containerized and bulk shipments. Our services include: trading, hedging, market risk, structured commodity transactions & shipping. 

We are committed to providing  our customers a prompt, reliable and personalised service with the experience to respond quickly and appropriately to all enquries. It is our mission to provide the best customer service in international trade and to ensure your questions become our priorities allowing you the peace of mind to focus on your core business activities.